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O.1.1. Ensure the effective administrative, financial and technical management of the project
O.1.2. Apply quality assurance measures to all project related procedures and products
O.1.3. Ensure that the project results are achieved within the proposed resources
O.1.4. Ensure timely submission of all contractual deliverables
O.1.5. Strengthen the co-operation and contribution of all project participants

Conceptual Model


O.2.1. Review the literature on immersive social networking systems and Social network analysis.
O.2.2. Conduct Social network analysis (SNA), and develop and deliver training on SNA.
O.2.3 Develop a conceptual model to inform the provisional SSN.

Building the SSN framework


O.3.1. Investigate state of the art social networking technologies, techniques and methodologies, in order to identify and select the most appropriate for KNOWNET.
O.3.2. Extract systems/other requirements from users needs and experiences
O.3.3 Design the detailed architecture (provisional and finalised) in order to meet the user’s needs
O.3.4 Integration (the build) and Testing of the System
O 3.5 Evaluate the integrated System
O.3.6 Develop the evaluation and measurement tool for assessing knowledge transfer.
O.3.7 Conduct data gathering on supplier experiences and knowledge learnt to complement on line logging/measurement tool.
O.3.8 Identify optimal data visualisation tools, exercises, applications for sharing, transferring and adopting new ideas.
O.3.9 Carry out a comprehensive revision of tools, applications, exercises, etc following the 1st trials.
O .3.10 Develop a training programme and training manuals in use and management of the SSN system.
O.3.11 Evaluate and measure knowledge sharing and adoption in parallel trials.
O.3.12 Analyse structural and cultural issues from the parallel trials in Spain and UK

Field Trials


O.4.1. Plan and manage trial activities in UK and Spain
O.4.2 Identify supplier participants and conduct trials with selected supplies across the UK and Spain in insurance supply chains.



O.5.1. Disseminate information about the nature of the project and the expected results in the most appropriate manner.
O.5.2. Raise awareness of the project developments to the widest possible range of actors that would be interested.

Exploitation and IPR management


O.6.1.Illustrate an explicit exploitation strategy which will be incorporated into the existing commercial activities of the project partners
O.6.2 Initiate a market investigation that will define the potential of the KNOWNET project to other market sectors across EU countries
O.6.3. Create alliances with different categories of stakeholders involved in key areas of the project.
O.6.4 IPR management- To handle the innovative results produced within the project and the relative IPR’s

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