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The Virtual Environment

Brunel University has recently carried out a number of virtual world demonstrations and training activities with members of the RSA Supply chain Network. The training has involved an 'orientation' activity followed by a demonstration of different interactive applications of use to the insurance sector (EarthGlobe, Powerpoint presentations, meeting areas, live Q&A amongst others).
‘This has huge potential for insurance in general and I would also suggest for the business of many suppliers. There are teaching and training opportunities, increased communication without the travel and expenditure, all whilst feeling extremely interactive. There could be really interesting use of this where a claim has multiple suppliers - sharing and viewing photos, data, information. It has possible fraud uses where we could actually recreate scenarios! The live data streaming of weather for insurance is an obvious benefit, but you can do this with really any info, so underwriters could use this when looking at premiums for instance where there are flood risk areas or high crime rate. I would urge people to sign up for this’.
RSA supply chain network user. November 2014

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