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Knownet deployments


The following features are currently available in the KNOWNET framework:

  • Microblogging framework, including:
    • Micro-posts – short text
    • Replies – micro-posts posted in reply to other micro-posts
    • Twitter-like markup with hashtags (#hashtags), usernames (@username), group tags (!bangtag), automatic link rendering
    • Hashtag/keyword channels/content streams
  • Wiki pages, using an extended markdown syntax
  • Blog Pages, using an extended markdown syntax
  • Content moderation, including flag for moderation, moderation queue, approval, barring of content
  • Groups – including joining groups, with group channel/content streams, private groups
  • Basic user profiles
  • User blog streams, river of news style
  • Private only content access
  • Minimalist, mobile-first web design
  • Minimalist system administration

The full set of user stories can be found in the ”KNOWNET RSA derived scenarios and user stories” document.

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