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The Partners

The principle aim of this programme is to create a long term strategic partnership between the KNOWNET researchers based at Brunel University and Universitat Politechnica de Valencia and a global insurance company Royal Sun Alliance PLC. The partners aspire to increase their knowledge and capacity in relation to the development of a knowledge networking platform underpinned by SNA. This will be achieved through significant exchange of personnel between the two partners over the duration of the project and through the temporary recruitment of 2 new experienced researchers. We have prepared an innovative programme of research, knowledge transfer and networking which will ultimately, through enhancing the capacity of the partners, enhance the EU standing in the knowledge networking using social media.

KNOWNET Principle Investigator and Project Co-ordinator

Dr Susan Grant (Brunel University)

Dr. Grant ’s research interests in this project lie in investigating the potential of social technology to support knowledge networking across supply chains.

Other research interests has focused on the tension between opportunism and forbearance in buyer –supplier ‘partnerships’; and the generation of values such as trust in global supply chain relationships.

She is currently involved in a number of collaborative projects with researchers across management and engineering disciplines in the area of global supply chain management.

Project Partner Lead

Dr Raul Rodriguez (UPVLC)
Mr Matthew Parker (RSA)

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