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Social network measurement methodology and tooling

One of the objectives of the KNOWNET project is to measure effective knowledge transfer across the internal and external supply chain members in the insurance sector. Therefore, it was necessary to not only to develop a tool that was able to measure the impact of the different web based tools on the depth and breadth of knowledge sharing and learning, but also a device that allowed us to gauge participant engagement and motivation in sharing new ideas, insights and knowledge in a social supplier network.

The project has sought to devise a two pronged approach to measure and capture knowledge transfer data and engagement in sharing knowledge. In the first instance, quantitative data will be captured via logs and data mining tools. This stage of the measurement process will start as soon as the platform is launched. The second aspect of the methodology will involve eliciting in depth qualitative data from participants via a series of interviews and questionnaires, either conducted on line, via a telephone conversation or in person. This data will focus on capturing more implicit knowledge flows, participant attitudes towards social media as a tool for sharing knowledge, ideas, insights and experiences, and finally, capture data on participant learning and implementation of new knowledge arising from engagement either directly or indirectly with the SSN platform.

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