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Exploitation and IPR management

Lead Beneficiary: 

O.6.1.Illustrate an explicit exploitation strategy which will be incorporated into the existing commercial activities of the project partners
O.6.2 Initiate a market investigation that will define the potential of the KNOWNET project to other market sectors across EU countries
O.6.3. Create alliances with different categories of stakeholders involved in key areas of the project.
O.6.4 IPR management- To handle the innovative results produced within the project and the relative IPR’s

Description of Work: 

T.6.1. Understanding what commercial players want in terms of knowledge transfer across their supply chains and identifying market sectors and stakeholders of interest will ensure that the KNOWNET project will target the appropriate sections of society with an exploitation model that is relevant to their needs. The work will not just focus on current market needs, but will also encompass future trends and directions in order to certify the potential of the final results. An explicit exploitation plan will be formed and adopted by all project partners- this enhancing the transfer of knowledge and maximising the potential market penetration of the project results. The exploitation plan will look at different options to satisfy the business objectives of the consortium partners.
T.6.2 This task will :
define and assess the innovative elements emanating from the project
Identify expected IPR’s and needs for either protecting and integrated system/result/ product or distinct modules that can be related to individual work packages and partners
Negotiate specific agreements in order to protect, share, manage and exploit IPR’s

Deliverables and Milestones: 

D.6.1 Exploitation plan. A plan for the exploitation of the project outcomes will be provided, including partners’ business agreement.
M.6 Exploitation report.

Seconded Fellows : 

ER 1 – From Partner RSA to UPV – Month 41-45
Expertise: UK Financial services and Insurance Market knowledge
Tasks where involved: T. 6.1, T 6.2 (M.6)

Risk Analysis: 

Dissemination and Exploitation failures: V. Low Publication records and networking activities of the consortium members show their outstanding ability to disseminate and exploit research results. This is backed by significant work allocation for WP6, and by appropriate levels of participation for dissemination events etc. Further the dissemination efforts are spread so that academic and industrial as well as different regions in Europe can be addressed

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