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Lead Beneficiary: 

O.5.1. Disseminate information about the nature of the project and the expected results in the most appropriate manner.
O.5.2. Raise awareness of the project developments to the widest possible range of actors that would be interested.

Description of Work: 

T.5.1. The dissemination activities regarding the research and results of the KNOWNET project will commence with the outset of the project, and will continue throughout its lifecycle. These activities will aim primarily at raising awareness about the proposed project and its beneficial outcomes, from a local point of view to a more international perspective. Dissemination will occur via a variety of electronic and non-electronic means including: scientific papers, online dissemination, workshops, broadcast media publications, industry trade publications, related EU and national projects, industrial and academic conferences, promotional campaigns by industry bodies, KNOWNET reports and deliverables, etc. These activities will be appropriately disseminated and appropriately enriched in the course of the project taking into consideration the various project development phases. Dissemination activities will be undertaken by the consortium as a whole and by each partner on an individual basis. in order to present the project advancement and outcomes.
T.5.2. An active and informative one stop web site will be developed at the outset of the project. Press releases, posters etc will be published both at the start of the project and during its implementation, with regular updates on the progress for the benefit of all participants to the project and others (RSA employees, BU, UPV relevant research groups, PhD students etc). The ‘public’ area within the project website provides a first access point for interested business partners, organizations and individuals into the KNOWNET project.
The consortium will also endorse joint activities with other Marie Curie projects of a similar nature (ICT development and social networking) and co-operation with other European projects with similar targets. The partners have identified synergies with other actions across the framework of the European Community such as NET2 and Dynamic SME- (MC IRSES programme area). Such synergies could develop into potential collaborations and exchanges of knowledge to enhance and develop KNOWNET research directions especially in the area of knowledge networking across SME’s.

Deliverables and Milestones: 

D.5.1. Dissemination Activities Report: A report detailing the dissemination activities for the duration of the project, including where possible certain measures of success.
M.5 Dissemination Report

Seconded Fellows : 

ER 1 From partner Brunel to RSA Months 1-48
Tasks where involved: T.5.1, T.5.2 (M5)

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