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Field Trials

Lead Beneficiary: 

O.4.1. Plan and manage trial activities in UK and Spain
O.4.2 Identify supplier participants and conduct trials with selected supplies across the UK and Spain in insurance supply chains.

Description of Work: 

T.4.1. Define the requirements of the field trials for the SSN; Define and prepare the requirements that need to be set up prior to conducting trials ( SSN system orientation and familiarization, access, task/application instruction, etc) across selected supply chain participants.
T.4.2. Define the specification of the field trials for the SSN: Define the detail of the field trial, including the target suppliers, duration, etc
T.4.3 Define the requirements of the 2nd field trials for the SSN- as above following evaluation and modification of the provisional SSN
T.4.4 Specification of field trials for the revised model-As above following evaluation and modification of the provisional SSN
T.4.5 Initiate Operation mode of the SSN system and monitor supplier engagement/potential IS problems/issues for the duration of the parallel trials.

Deliverables and Milestones: 

D.4.1. Initiate operation mode of the SSN to the trial participants.
M.4.1. The initial field trials for the provisional SSN completed
M.4.2. The 2nd field trials for the process model completed

Seconded Fellows : 

ER From Partner UPV to RSA – Month 5-10 and 19- 23, 32-36
Expertise: Knowledge on Supply chain participants in Spain, trial preparation, interviewing techniques, analysis of data.
Tasks where involved: T.4.1-T4.5 (M4.1, M4.2)

ER – From Partner BU to RSA – Month 6-10 and 19-22, 34-36
Expertise: knowledge on Supply chain participants in UK, trial preparation, interviewing techniques, analyses of data
Tasks where involved: T.4.1-T4.5 (M4.1, M4.2)

Risk Analysis: 

Participation and engagement in supplier field trials in UK and Spain: Low. Brunel has already conducted a pilot survey with UK insurance suppliers on attitudes towards knowledge networking and has elicited positive responses to participate in a future trial.
UPV has established close research links to SME’s that form part of the social Economy, including insurance fulfilment partners and has elicited positive feedback on potential trials in knowledge networking.
The consortium will promote the platform early on in the project lifecycle, and will keep suppliers informed via workshops, blogs project web site page. A number of on line orientation sessions prior to the trials will be conducted. Assurances to participation will be sought at the outset.
Social dynamic of exchange of knowledge across suppliers: Low. Concerns relating to the loss of hard-earned knowledge, and doubt about how the knowledge would be received and put to use by others, may render knowledge sharing across the trials a challenge. Two consortium partners and their teams have been working on a prior project to assess supplier’s attitudes to knowledge networking, providing a strong basis and structure for commitment to volitional knowledge exchange.

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