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Conceptual Model

Lead Beneficiary: 

O.2.1. Review the literature on immersive social networking systems and Social network analysis.
O.2.2. Conduct Social network analysis (SNA), and develop and deliver training on SNA.
O.2.3 Develop a conceptual model to inform the provisional SSN.

Description of Work: 

Description of work
T.2.1. Carry out an extensive review of the current literature on relevant supplier networking and knowledge networking models.
T.2.2. Deliver workshops on SNA and conduct social Networking analysis both in the UK and Spain to inform the conceptual model and ultimately feed into the design and build of the SSN platform.
T.2.3. Develop a conceptual model of the SSN informed by literature and SNA

Deliverables and Milestones: 

D.2.1. A report detailing the findings of current state of the art social networking technologies and knowledge networking models.
D.2.2 A training manual on SNA and deliver training on SNA.
D.2.3. A conceptual model based on the literature review and SNA

Seconded Fellows : 

ER – From Partner UPV to RSA– Month 5-9
Expertise: Social Network Analysis across SME’s, Knowledge networks, Supply Chain Management.
Tasks where involved: T.2.1; T.2.2, T 2.3
ER from partner BU to RSA – 6-9
Expertise: knowledge networking (plus attitudes towards KN in insurance), Supply chain management

Risk Analysis: 

Low supplier engagement in SNA analysis: Low. This risk should be mitigated as UPV has established close research links to SME’s that form part of the social Economy, including insurance fulfilment partners, and has elicited positive feedback on potential trials in knowledge networking. Similarly, Brunel has acquired positive responses from UK suppliers to participate in a future trial.

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