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Exploitation Plan

The exploitation report presents the commercial prospects for the use of social networking systems (SNS) in a business environment to provide benefits in company efficiency and effectiveness via collective knowledge and information sharing across a multi-level supply chain. It describes this as a result of the KNOWNET research project carried out involving RSA (formerly known as Royal Sun Alliance) as the commercial partner, Brunel University (BRU) as the lead academic partner and Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPDV)as supporting academic partner.

State of the art social network software for use in enterprise environments

In today’s competitive global economy, organizations have been forced to seek out innovative approaches to knowledge and information exchange amongst staff and their supply chains. Continued technical enhancements and internet technologies, together with a raft of collaborative software has given rise to an increasing trend in social networking for exchanging information and sharing knowledge.

Social network measurement methodology and tooling

One of the objectives of the KNOWNET project is to measure effective knowledge transfer across the internal and external supply chain members in the insurance sector. Therefore, it was necessary to not only to develop a tool that was able to measure the impact of the different web based tools on the depth and breadth of knowledge sharing and learning, but also a device that allowed us to gauge participant engagement and motivation in sharing new ideas, insights and knowledge in a social supplier network.

Interworking with 'other projects' strategy

Social media has become an extremely powerful phenomenon with millions of users who post status updates, blog, links and pictures on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, social networking has so far spread mainly among consumers. Businesses are only now beginning to acknowledge the benefits of using social media to enhance employee and supplier collaboration to support new ideas and innovation through knowledge sharing across functions and organizational boundaries.

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